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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Did Tampa and Anaheim copy a set series of moves to win it all? Did Anaheim know that by trading for Rob Niedermayer they would then land his brother? Every team does it differently. We're all in agreement that the Kings should not rush their kids and win in the long term! I don't want to see Schenn traded. Please write this down so you remember it. I want to see the GM make the best possible moves so the team wins. Is that trading whoever for Hemsky? I don't know, not my job. Will doing nothing suddenly make the Kings winners? It's possible. All I want to see is the neccessary steps to get to the goal-NONE OF US KNOW WHAT THAT IS! We're supposed to be here to share our opinions but instead we're bombarded with people who think they know everything about hockey tellig us we don't know what we're talking about. Saying Dean Lombardi isn't doing his job right is a perfectly vailid opinion as is saying he is doing his job right. We won't know until either the Kings win the Cup or Deano is fired. Then you will see some serious backpedaling by the experts on here.
LOL I agree, and disagree,

The majority of people who say a trade has to be made, is in fact saying that DL can't do the job, that their judgment is better, keeping in mind they offer absolutely no other solution than "a move"

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