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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Chicago is one and done?

- Interesting last I checked they still had a pretty good team, tied with the Kings in the standings despite a ton more injuries. You think Vancouver or Detroit want anything to do with Chicago in the first round?

- Carolina went to the Conf Finals two years after winning the Cup. That is a round farther than DL has gone in his 11 years as an NHl GM. So don't act as if they won the Cup and collapsed off the face of the earth.

- Trading first round picks and young players for older d-man is a risk.

- Stoll started the year 17 points in his first 20 games. Since then he has 17 points in 39 games. And that is with spending a good chunk of the the time on the #1 PP unit. Sorry, a good 3rd line center. Not a good second line center, it is a hole that hopefully Schenn fills.
And Carolina has missed the playoffs 3 of the 4 years since that Cup win.

Heres go the Stoll crap again.

Originally Posted by Hollywood View Post
Well the first thing I notice is that the teams these guys are on play in the NHL... Saskatoon didn't make the expansion draft.
So are you trying to suggest that if the draft was taken again he would go higher??? He actually would have gone lower.IMO. So Again I ask why is he untouchable? How many times do I have to ask until you answer... I don't hate the guy... I just want someone else to tell me why..
And look at the depth charts of the teams they play on as well. NYI and ATL didnt really have that much depth at the F position, TB didnt have that much depth at the D position and Colorado had a bad season which led to that pick. What do the Kings have? Depth at Center.

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