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02-22-2011, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by SvenskaRiga View Post
Question, after the quarter-finals in NLB, do the clubs draw their opponents again or are they ranked by standings? Also, how come NLB dosnt have a play-out, is 1.Liga (believe this is what next level is called) not a pro league or clubs not strong enough to have promotion series?
I think they won't force any team down to the 1. Liga until there are 12 teams in the NLB, but this seems unlikely to happen anytime soon. The 1. Liga is not a pro league and thus clubs wishing to be promoted have many constraints to fullfill (budget, arena...), making new teams in the NLB a rare occurence. And with the promotion often ending in bankruptcy a few seasons later (I can think of three such cases since 2006), fewer clubs are interested in joining the NLB nowadays.

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