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10-11-2003, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr. van Nostrin
I think the Oilers need to come out hitting and hitting hard.
Let me hear a HAYLL YEAH!!!
You can't do a whole lot about Bertuzzi but I think the Oilers can physically intimidate Naslund and Morrison. The Horcoff line will have to be aggressive all night.
Mr. 'tuzzi, meet Mr. buzzsaw. Here's torque'n at ya.
The only thing I will predict is that the Canucks will not be the Sharks
You're shootin' the whole wad here, I take it.

If the boys can keep it simple, tonite is an excellent test. I'm waiting to see how Crawford matches lines. I have a hunch, he's going to be caught guessing, and we'll have some good opportunities.

I won't try to predict scores. It's not my forte. I will say, that if we play like the 3rd period Thursday, I'll be .


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