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02-22-2011, 11:24 AM
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Knowing Mike Eagles, he won't sit around to have the admin come to him to tell him what job he takes or leaves. Hes a good smart guy, he knows how the STU Fans feel and and the Alumni, he will do the honarable thing and step away from the coaching position at his own choice. I would be surprised if you dont hear this by weeks end.

Some might say its about time, but without the schools support to enhancing the hockey program, he was a fish left to fry, and you can be thankfull, Mike could have done the easy thing and just bailed on the team at any point over the last 2 seasons, or left them hanging with a month before the new season just like Fabian Joseph did to Dalhousie, after he drove that program straight into the ground. Thankfully for them Pete Beliveau was there to pick up the pieces. Hopefully for STU their is another Beliveau waiting for a call soon

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