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10-11-2003, 09:35 AM
Craig's not on it.
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Originally Posted by IceDragoon
Let me hear a HAYLL YEAH!!! Mr. 'tuzzi, meet Mr. buzzsaw. Here's torque'n at ya. You're shootin' the whole wad here, I take it.

If the boys can keep it simple, tonite is an excellent test. I'm waiting to see how Crawford matches lines. I have a hunch, he's going to be caught guessing, and we'll have some good opportunities.

I won't try to predict scores. It's not my forte. I will say, that if we play like the 3rd period Thursday, I'll be .

yeah. I won't be disappointed if our guys lose, but I'll be very disappointed if they don't play an aggressive and intense game. I want to see Nuck fans going after the game, whether they win or lose.

I hate reading quotes from opposing players- Avs, Stars, Nucks, whatever- talking about how they always look forward to games against the Oilers because they're exciting and fun and whatever. That's crap- that's for losers- I don't want opposing teams to enjoy playing the Oilers, I want them to absolutely hate it. Lowe wants to take this team in a direction away from being Miss Congeniality, and games like this are the chance to see how he's doing.

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