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02-22-2011, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
My problem with Poile (which are outweighed by his positives) is that he doesn't seem to be in touch with all the GMs. Dumont, Arnott both had to call him. This week he said the Col/Stl trade caught him totally off guard. I'd like to know that he's looked at the options more.
That's the sense I get. He's a passive guy, both in making moves, and I think it's his personality. I don't see him aggressively working the phones and being a hard-stance negotiator. The moves he usually does make are are the straightforward ones- Fishers availabe and wants to go to Nashville, ok, we'll give you a first. 1st for Witt. Arnott really wants to come to Nashville, ok, let's talk. etc. I also fear that his passive nature could have played a role in not being able to alleviate the Radulov situation. He seemed more in denial while it was happening ("we look forward to seeing Radulov at camp") than trying to step in a squash the situation. I really do think a more aggressive GM could have anticipated the problem, stepped in before it happened, and and squashed it. This of course is speculation.

More speculation-- Some of our better trades as a franchise came when Shero was assitant GM-- Sullivan, Dunham/Zidlikcy, getting 2nd rd compensatory picks. One has to wonder how much of a role and influence Shero had in the moves. Shero wasn't a noob when he was here, he had already been asst GM in Ottawa. Since Shero left, we didn't pull off a good trade for at least 4 years-- with Kosistynen being the only good trade since his depature.

The reality of Poile's 27 year career is that he's built good foundations, but his teams have plateaued. It is why Washington fired him. He's a decent GM and has done a lot of good for the organization, but he hasn't proved capable of getting a team to the next level-- with us or Washington.

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