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02-22-2011, 12:19 PM
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I don`t get why our players should wear low numbers only (I know Lou likes it, but), not to mention couple of them (likely 5) will be retired soon...

Many players like 37, 39, 81, 87, 88, 82, 55, 44, 77, 71, 90, 91 and I like them too. No big deal, just a detail, but still. Some players are pretty superstitious. When I was playing for high school team (soccer), I always wanted the same group of numbers (if not particularly one) on my back. One thing that "pisses me off" - Rod Pelley with #10. No disrespect to him, but that number is usually reserved for star players in every sport (especially in soccer). Seeing 4th line grinder with #10 is pretty weird IMO. I`d like to see that number on one of our best players.

My favorite is #5, I`m born on 5th february and it has always been my lucky number. In soccer it`s no14 (Thierry Henry, favorite player of all time), in basketball it`s no3 (D-Wade), in hockey it`s no9 (I can`t think of exception - Zach, Duchene, Roy, Kane and few more, all my favorites).

I actually like Fayne with 34 too and I don`t like the idea of NaPlm getting 22, for me it`s Dmen number. 32 on the other hand doesn`t look that bad although I`d like to see #15 on his back. I`m ok with #16, #21 (Foppa) and #18 for Yayo (his #27 in Albany was nice, but it won`t be avaliable in Jersey soon), Teddy and Zharky. If Zach stays, Teddy won`t get his favorite number anytime soon and until that day comes, he`ll stick with #21 long enough to keep it IMO.

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