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Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
Everton was very eager to extend his loan. He was player of the month for them during his short time there I read somewhere.

Donovan could easily be an EPL starter. I read recently that only 5 Americans are regularly getting minutes over there. I can think of Tim Howard (Everton), Clint Dempsey (Fullham), and Stuart Holden (B. Wanderers) off the top of my head. Can't think of any others.
Yeah, he's good enough to be over there and Everton wanted him... so did a couple other teams as I recall.

The talent gap from our frontline players to the second ranks is pathetic. I went and saw the US v. Columbia game in the fall... holy crap did they look absolutely pathetic. Then a guy like Dempsey comes in and he's so far and away superior to the MLS guys that it's a joke.

Originally Posted by GirouxGiroux View Post
And this is based on what? You think he should have performed better for the USA the past couple years, and better when he was at Everton? He'd be marginally better, if at all, if he had stayed in Europe. And that's if he played.

On the other side of the coin, I think guys like Donovan, Altidore and Adu would have benefitted from staying in the US instead of leaving as teenagers. They weren't ready for Europe. American youth soccer is flawed and our players develop later than Europeans. It's better (for now) when guys go the way of Dempsey and Holden.
Adu would benefit from going through a growth spurt more than anything else.

I'm not saying go over to Europe when you're 16 and struggle to get playing time. However, Donovan showed a distinct lack of competitiveness and a stronger desire to be sitting on the beach with his g/f near at hand. Great for him to make life choices that he's happy with, but I think it hurt his playing career.

The US struggles against top international teams because we lack players capable of playing at that level individually. MLS is NOT a good league for developing those skills as you are not competing against the best players in the world. We need our players going to European leagues and playing at the highest level of the sport before the international team is going to enjoy any consistent success. It's like fielding an Olympic team from the SEL and trying to take on teams built from NHL rosters.

Altidore is a prime example of a guy that probably needed more seasoning before he went over, but he also needs to develop a physicality to compete with top-end defenders that he isn't going to get while playing on this side of the pond.

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