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02-22-2011, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
The US struggles against top international teams because we lack players capable of playing at that level individually. MLS is NOT a good league for developing those skills as you are not competing against the best players in the world. We need our players going to European leagues and playing at the highest level of the sport before the international team is going to enjoy any consistent success. It's like fielding an Olympic team from the SEL and trying to take on teams built from NHL rosters.
I agree with you, but you can't just jump to the highest level, especially not if you're an American.

You mentioned Dempsey... he is an MLS product. He was 23 when he left the US for Fulham. Holden is an MLS product. He's having a monster year in his first EPL season and he's 25. Tim Howard - MLS product.

Charlie Davies is 24. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him coming back here for a year. Not a thing. He'll get first team minutes and probably have a great year and get a few offers for next season.

MLS isn't a world-class league, but it isn't some black hole either. It's improving and expanding.

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