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02-22-2011, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
The moves he usually does make are are the straightforward ones- Fishers availabe and wants to go to Nashville, ok, we'll give you a first.
And Poile should get credit from you for contacting Ottawa about a week before the trade and asking if Fisher was available, and saying if he was, make sure to talk to Poile first. He wasn't available when Poile made the call. You can't claim it was clear, because Fisher himself said about that time he was staying, and a week later was very surprised by the news.

I think Poile catches some undeserved flack because he honestly says he was surprised on certain trades. Nobody can keep up with the possibilities about everyone, especially as most conversations among other GM's aren't going to be told to anyone else. But some GM's seem to want us to think they were in on everything, but just weren't interested. Poile probably gives an honest answer. If he was a blusterer he'd always claim to not be surprised.

If there was a recent good trade Poile missed on, then you'd think the other GM was partially at fault as well, for not checking with Poile about how high a price they could get for something Nashville needed. So maybe there wasn't a fit or some other reason the other GM didn't want to trade with Nashville.

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