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02-22-2011, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by OpenWheel View Post
And a Pred should've dropped somebody for it too. Not becasue it was dirty, but because it was Suter.

Maybe we need to risk Shea a bit, for good of the team. Nobody else is doing it so I hope Shea unloads one of his knockout punches real soon when someone crosschecks or high sticks Hornqvist for the thousandth time this season.

Tootoo won't be enough. One of our stars needs to protect the other stars.
Bingo. For all the cries I heard in the paper about the hit, no one did anything about it. If you're upset about it, do something about it, otherwise they need to shut their pie holes. If we don't stick up and ****** about it we sound like a big bunch of wussies.

Anyone remember a few years back Tootoo crushing Hemsky. What happened the next shift Tootoo was out, Moreau got sent out, they went at it, end of story. If we had such issue with Doan, every time he touched the puck for the rest of the game, Weber, SOB and Tootoo should've been laying hits on him left and right or they should've asked him to go and I'm sure Doan would've obliged.

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