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MOD: Copied key posts from the last thread -

In lieu of vCash, which would be gambled away, CF gets to be the OP for perhaps the last one of these threads? Imminent is imminent.

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Absolutely ABD. I dont discount CF's, GSC's or anyone elses' opinion that its' doable & believe it to be so myself as you know & I believe agree, however, if we back the truck up for a moment here, its the "assumption" that I made (along with many others) that the Parking Rights were included in the AMULA with Moyes' that was extended under an Interim Agreement with the NHL. Not some separate agreement & file altogether. It puts' a whole new spin on things.
Let's collect all the agreements as if they were Pokemon cards. The Moyes AMULA in 4 parts:

Then we have the substantial draft of the Hulsizer AMULA

The November 2001 Arena Development Agreement is still missing from our set.

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