Thread: Confirmed with Link: Neal and Niskanen for Goligoski
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02-22-2011, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by andyg26 View Post
Well, I still go back to Crosby's natural instincts, which are passing. He hasn't had a player in the last few years who can shoot the puck like Neal. Imagine if Crosby can still have his goalscoring game but a guy who can also shoot on his line?

And beyond that, Crosby is the most important player in this organization. Giving him the newest toy isn't the stupidest thing to do and its not like Geno is getting "scraps."

Add in, that I just think the organization is going to experiment with Staalkin. If they do that, I just have a hard time seeing Coach DB giving out the two best forwards besides Geno and Crosby both to Geno. Its the problem that most Geno enthusiasts complain about but this time it would be toward Crosby. Yes, Crosby isn't getting scraps but you also want to keep him as happy as possible.

Like I said, either way I'm fine. But if Crosby comes back this season, he probably is going to get the first shot at playing with Neal anyway. So lets just go from there. If Crosby and Neal light it up this Spring, he's probably going to stay with Crosby. Whether anyone likes it or not.
Things like "Crosby is more important" don't seem like very good reasons at all. Further, Malkin is really the more important player in the sense that the team needs to get him going. Crosby has shown the ability to dominate with just about anybody. The best hockey of his career, of course, coming alongside Kunitz. It really doesn't make any sense to change all of that. Trying to reinforce to Malkin the notion that he's playing second fiddle to Sid also doesn't seem like a wise move.

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