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07-22-2005, 03:40 PM
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i don't play hockey in a competetive league. I play pickup hockey with kids of the neihborhood and I'd like to fancy myself being quite good skating forward . (think of a marty saint louis sized skater, without the goal-scoring ability). My wrister is good, my slapshot is average. I always pass before shooting and some people hate me for it. I block shots without thinking twice (broke an ankle because of it) and I'm a sloppy, but efficient skater (forwards of course). I can't skate backwards for my life, ok I could but not fast. I usually end up with the most points because of my playmaking abilities. I slow the game down to my level of play whenver I'm in the offensive zone and I always, backcheck. I'm not soft in any stretch of the imagination but I dont play physical. I'm strong on the puck and I can mow through taller players, I have a good lower body.

Yeah, it's not impressive since I only started playing hockey a few years ago. Never had the money to play in any junior leagues, I could've been decent... Hockey isn't my best sport though.

I started playing competitive handball , my second favorite sport, when I was in 5th grade. I was the captain of my team throughout highschool and people compared me to Gretzky. I think they are out of their minds but I guess I understand their comparison. I'm short (170 centimeters) , I never got hit. I played center, and I had a deadly shot. I was firstly a playmaker though. I'm deceptively fast and I made my teamates better.

I had to stop playing for a while because of injuries I sustained (back problems, bad knees, broken ankless) . I'm only 18 years old but I feel like i'm 68.

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