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02-22-2011, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by FOXHOUND View Post
good thing they just announced that all playoff games will be decided by shootout
I missed you man, stop disappearing!

POTG: Easily Wolski. I'll say this again, I cannot believe people here already saying he should be moved if the Rangers are selling. This trade is shaping up to be a steal. There are times where Rozsival is missed, but tonight they do not win this game without Wolski. He is talented, and more importantly creative. He doesn't always make something of his dangles and offensive zone circles, but he at least TRIES and rarely does he end up giving up a bad turnover because of his efforts. More of the skill players on the team need to take the initiative he does and try to make things happen, and not just dish the puck off as soon as a little pressure is felt. Also, he shoots the puck if he can't find a seam, rather than waiting too long and losing the puck to a poke check or hit on the boards.

The good: The Stepan, Zucc, Wolski line is without a doubt the most talented and creative line. I would like to see Zucc and Stepan play with a little more confidence when the puck is on their stick. The downside to this line is the fact that it is usually defensively inept. Especially with the DZ/Gilroy pairing out there with them. However those 5 probably have the highest potential for making total offensive breakouts, and catching the other team sleeping. It's a steep price to pay as you could see tonight as Gilroy got stripped and paid for it.

Henrik was solid, as usual. He's just had some bad bounces and poor defensive play in front of him.

McD and Sauer had some bad plays tonight, but this pairing will be an amazing second total shutdown tandem in a year or two.

Callahan continues to roll and be a master deflector, He may be the most valuable player this team has in the forward core.

The Shootout squad, if not the best in the league, top5. Too bad I agree with Foxhound, it's not helpful beyond the first 82 games.

The Bad: Staal potentially being injured. Brian Boyle needs to show up again, he's giving effort, but he's not getting any help like he was in the first half.

The Redden: The Powerplay continues to suck. This has probably been the single-handed biggest reason this month has been so terrible. With not finding the net as much at even strength, the PP needs to score as much as possible. If this does not get fixed, this team is done, playoffs or not.

DelZotto and Gilroy. Even if they play okay defense, they are offensive blackholes who cannot hit the net. They are supposed to be the future of the offensive D core, they need to play like it. Gilroy is playing his way out of NY, I like him, but he's not going to be a Ranger much longer, imo. DZ should be in Hartford.


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