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02-23-2011, 01:12 AM
Digging the Sarchasm
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I usually shy away from such in depth discussion for a variety of reasons. The biggest and most relevant of which is that I simply haven't been a hockey fan that long. It's only my second year as a STH and 5th as a hockey fan of any kind. I don't feel qualified to post opinions and observations with the big boys. That being said...

**** happens. Bad games happen. Players get hurt. We're all pissed. It's Trotz's fault, Poile's fault, Weber's fault, Rinne's fault, Doan's fault for hitting Suter, Mark Howard's fault for cursing the team, and Crispy's fault for overusing the word Bubba.

The doom and gloom feeling tends to dissipate in the midst of a 3 or 4 game win streak (Yeah, I know it has been a while) and we all have a good time again until something else throws a monkey wrench in the works and then the *****ing continues. Sports. That's how it works.

If we weren't 4 years out from the team almost being taken to Canada and weren't worried about a possible relapse to dismal attendance numbers performance like this would be a lot easier to stomach simply because you could shrug your shoulders and say, "Eh, we've got time to get better."

Tonight sucked. I'm still mad. I'll be mad tomorrow. Depending on the outcome Thursday I may or may not be mad Friday. Regardless of the outcome of Thursday's game, Sunday's game or the playoff games should there be any I'll still be calling my ticket rep in a few months and telling her to start charging my credit card again.

I don't know enough to even begin offering ideas on why we're slumping. I couldn't explain how we lost to Edmonton then came back and rubbed the Red Wings' faces in the ice and laughed about it. I can't even figure out how Rinne won the best mustache competition a few months back. And I don't care.

I also know damn well that some on here are going to read this, chuckle and ignore it or make light of it. Again, don't care. I want this team to win as much as anyone. I've skipped weddings, birthday parties and work to watch this team play and will do it again next year with a smile on my face when I'm asked, "So a game is more important than me?" This time of year, yes. Yes it is.

I guess all that is the long way of saying it's the right of every sports fan to have their blood pressure go through the roof and call for the heads of the players or coaching staff when nights like this happen even though the next big win will probably change the moods of many.

In the end a couple of goofballs (Myself included) on a hockey forum are going to make some fun one liners, drink more than we should, cheer for the team and wonder how in the hell no one has compared Sully's new headgear to Lord Dark Helmet from Spaceballs.

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