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10-11-2003, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by KL
If he is going to state it as a fact, that Boston offered a 1st, then he needs to post the article with a quote from the GM. Until there is a quote from a GM, it's BS.

Maybe he did read an article. If he did, he needs to post it. If the article did not contain a quote from one of the two parties involved, then it has no credibility. Thus, no matter what, unless there is a quote from one of the two GMs involved, it's BS.

I have never in my life seen people have so much of a problem with holding someone accountable for their comments.

Hey I dont have a problem with it. In a perfect world it would be great if the GM's told us what they did said and thought every day. But that isnt reality. Hell I wouldnt even trust direct quotes.. GM's have a job to do and they want every edge they can get, including using the media.

You have a point that it MAY not be true, however you have to admit when its reported by credible journalists and media like CBS it's not just a fan making up BS on his own as you want to pretend. What I had a problem with was your hysterical "stop being a coward" stuff and your attempt at a straw man argument by focusing on a single thing and so completely ignoring the more important point - that it was very feasible and many people considered it so.

Ensane - there's a difference between a credible rumor and BS. One people take seriously as a realistic possibility and debate for days or even weeks. The other doesnt even last a day around here. The Cujo to Boston is an excellent example of that.

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