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Originally Posted by phillyfury View Post
Wow. Such condescension. Yep, you must be from Penn. Never really liked the school or most of the people who went there to tell you the truth.
Yeah, well, most of the athletes at Penn were d-bags that shouldn't have been in the school academically... want to play with stereotypes? More importantly, you got called out for saying something completely and utterly stupid: you played "high level" soccer on an anonymous message board and that gave you greater insight into what you are talking about.

1) You don't know **** about the people you are conversing with, so don't make assumptions that you have inherently superior reasoning (note: this is why people think folks that went to Ivy League schools are *******s). So, rather than fall back on the supposed magical power of playing soccer in the Ivy's, back your points up with legitimate arguments. As followed, it's pretty clear that I'm not the only one that thought that was a *ing dumb thing to say.

2) Learn how to use the multiquote tagging feature, I didn't bother to read much of your post because it wasn't worth the effort.

3) That wasn't really condescension... I really do expect better than "Well, I played soccer and clearly must know more about sports than you" from a fellow Penn alum in a discussion. If you didn't learn how to support your points better than that, then you didn't get much out of your time spent in Univ. City.

4) And you just admitted that you're a Zherdev fanboy, which is nice for you... but means you have an opinion completely and utterly lacking in objectivity. Additionally, Zherdev being your "favorite player" is a pretty strong indictment of your hockey knowledge, because he isn't a particularly good hockey player to stand up for the way you do. He's a one-dimensional guy that doesn't bring a whole lot to the table other than fancy stickhandling. You know soccer: is your favorite soccer player in the world the guy with fancy ball skills, but sucks defensively; has a terrible work ethic; and doesn't care about making his teammates better?

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