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Originally Posted by Orangecrush18 View Post
Very true, im not debating that richards is our best forward, because he can probably claim to be top 5 all around hockey player in the world.

I just think the ceiling for what giroux can do offensively is higher given his skill set. And while he is small I have noticed him lay out quite a few big hits this year. The game against ottawa where he completely blew someone up? and even answered it with a fight
He throws hits, but he's more of the catch the guy around the corners area with his head down type of hitter. He also has a low center of gravity and is strong on his skates, so can surprise people. I don't think you're going to see him delivering anything on the order of some of the hits we've seen from Richards, though... that's a skill you gotta come with.

I don't think you're going to see a ton of growth from Giroux offensively from where he's at now. In a good year, similar to a couple of our other guys, he can probably be an 80+ pt guy, but he doesn't seem likely to put up high goal totals, which is what you need to really separate yourself into the upper echelon (unless you're an otherworldly passer, a la Thornton/Forsberg). If you recall, early in the year he was racking up goals via breakaways, but that pretty much stopped once defenses got their **** organized (he had all of his shorties in the first month of the season, I believe).

In fairness, he's producing to a clip like I predicted he would in previous years as far as likely totals, so I'm a bit biased as far as him meeting expectation.

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