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02-23-2011, 11:44 AM
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i made the change to the 2003 class as noted by kingsfan. thanks for the compliments. just doing my small part to break down the team we all are stupid crazy about.

the two issues i had and it still leaves me befuddled is
1) why in the process of scouting and interviewing players wasn't the issue/concern of "if we draft you will you come to NA and play?" LA wasted so many picks on picks that stayed in Europe it's absolutely mind boggling. this problem alone was enough to deplete the Kings organizational system

2) the lack of an established developmental system. LA's system was a mess when it came to where players would be assigned from '97 to '01. The AHL affiliations kept changing, the lower clubs as well. It's damn difficult to develop when this keeps changing. Coaches change, players keep changing so there is less cohesion and chemistry built. imo it was a system meant more to destroy a young players than to develop him.

add to this LA's lack of depth, personnel, etc in the NHL and players were being called up before they really were ready to compete at that level. 18-20 year old kids are the rare exception that can and are ready to play in the NHL. they need time to develop physically and mentally to play against adult men that have been playing the game since the 18-year old kid was in junior high for example.

i've had the chance over the years to play against ex college, semi and juniors players - they played at a different level, speed and pace than what us old men's league farts played. i've also had the chance to play against ex NHL and current players - they played at a level above and beyone what the JRs, college and semi guys did. players have to be given a chance to progress through the ranks, to develop the necessary tools it will require to succeed at each new level of advancement.

thank god LA has solidified their system/pipeline. MAN/ONT, before that MAN/READING. these kids needed a consistent environment to compete and learn in. i dont know or follow MAN or ONT, but would be interested in finding out other people's opinion on the coaching for those clubs. if and when TMu is gone, will MMorris from MAN move to LA? is he capable? im all for giving someone a try, rather than trying on yet another retread that has coached in the NHL for years/decades but never won the SC.

on to the breakdown of the DL drafts next

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