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02-23-2011, 12:17 PM
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Whiskeypete, I appreciate your answer and I probably should have made my initial response clearer. I was referring primarily to the "rock bottom" in 2006, but I guess it depends what you include - does that include roster players?

The 2005/6 roster had a number of valuable assets, including Visnovsky, Frolov, Cammalleri, Gleason, Belanger, Demitra - all of whom were either traded for another asset or left to walk away. Add to that Dustin Brown on the roster with Kopitar and Quick and others in the pipeline...

I simply don't see that cupboard as bare.

I'm the last one in the world to say that I was happy with the DT era, but the hyperbole coming from the DL camp is unpalatable. There was nothing worth anything in the organization, no farm system or development - aren't these all the same things that we heard from the DT loyalists? Go back and read the draft reviews here from those woeful years - you'd think that the Kings had just won the lottery. Kanko and Grebeshkov were going to lead the team to the promised land!

In my business, I'm expected to produce results or I don't keep the job. I am held accountable for the results. In here, tangible results never seem to matter.

DL has gotten LA closer to the end prize than any other GM while keeping the roster and prospect lists stockpiled
That's losing in the 1st round of the playoffs - is that really all that it takes?

What really bothers me is the assumption that spending all of the time "building it the right way" somehow guarantees a winning program. It takes more than patience and faith to build a winner.

I just hope that 5 years from now we aren't looking back at these times with the same level of disappointment with which we view the DT era today.

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