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Originally Posted by Media Savvy Lee View Post
I don't need an explaination as to how important Henrik has been to the franchise. I

'm a grown man. This is a message board. If people don't like what I write because I point out their favorite player's shortcoming's, click the ignore button. I'm not going to stop pointing out what I see for the sake of other posters' feelings.

We went through this with Drury.

The head coach called out Lundqvist a few weeks ago, then he benched him. Obviously what I have been saying has some substance.

So in closing, if people want me to shut up about Lundqvist, tell Henrik to stop the 25 pct jump in GAA and SVPCT in a 10-game span.
Dude it was an explanation about tact and warranted criticism as oppossed to what you're doing. I myself have mentioned I wished Hank had stepped up a little more and people agreed because of the way I did it. I didn't force hate down everyone's throats. Once I was wrong a week back and I questioned him on a goal but on replay and after some people said something I realized it was a hard as balls shot and I was wrong for blaming Hank on it and admitted so. Same with today no he doesn't have the sparkling 2.00 GAA lately but he's giving up 3 a game with 3/4 of these goals being D errors. (3/4 over a period of time obviously 3/4 of 3 goals doesn't make sense) You fail to see you're overcriticizing the guy at least based on tonight

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