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02-23-2011, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I love this type of criticism. Homer deserves no credit for everything and all the blame for everything (even things that are of no issue). He gets no credit for turning around the team because when he took over he "had all the pieces" and the moves he made "were obvious." Now he makes moves and he gets no credit because he got "lucky." I guess that makes sense. Results don't matter, only if he makes deals that make sense to you will he be a quality GM.
What part of the fact that basically 4 of the 6 of his moves didn't pan out? Fact.....I'm giving him credit for making the team as deep as possible and thus containing/mitigating the RISK he took with those 4 players but they were still very risky and not exactly prudent moves..FACT..the end result shows it. Nobody really liked those signings and they were unnecessary because of the amount of risk that was involved. You can gamble on one player maybe but 4 is a bit much...Shelley serves a purpose so he gets somewhat of a pass however that pass will be neutralized come playoffs (also def overpaid still..thus inhibits the cap)

There is no doubt Homgren could have been much more effective with his offseason moves given what has unravelled and again the season is NOT over so let's not claim MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Some of this stuff could rear itself still but again luckily Bob and Boosh have tempered things along with OD and Mesz...I give him credit for those moves helping offset things but not out of the woods...

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