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Originally Posted by sm0ka47 View Post
You don't see people criticizing Leino or Bob signings. If they are they don't know **** about hockey.

But i damn sure don't see people giving him credit for the good moves. You take the bad with the good. Homer is the whipping boy around here. You can't sit here and tell me the bad moves don't get over magnified on here. You would be lying if you said no.

Don't try to sit here and say i don't read whats going on around here. I've criticized Homer myself. I have defended him at times too. I remember a poster flat out responded to my defense of Holmgren and said he got "Lucky".

I'm not saying you are one of those people. They are on this board though.
Probably was me, and Holmgren has been lucky as a GM. He inherited a team with a wealth of talent on the roster and in the system, a high draft pick coming, and a lot of cap space. Most GMs do not have that going for them. That's luck. He was lucky in his timing with the organization he was taking control over. Many people (in all walks of life) get put in a position where they're taking over sinking ships and that then reflects poorly on the job they are doing.

It's like the President and the economy. US presidents have very little actual control over the economy, but they get a lot of heat or praise based on whether the economy is doing well. They have some influence, but it's minimal. Clinton didn't "make" the economy boom in the 90s, just like Bush wasn't entirely responsible for the bubble bursting (though, de-regulation wasn't as great an idea as many folks assumed on his side of the spectrum). In both cases they took over their jobs with a set of parameters largely outside of their control.

Holmgren took over a job with positive parameters that were outside of his control. If Colin Campbell had taken the job he would have had developing players in Richards and Carter on the roster, and Giroux coming along.

And, yes, Holmgren is lucky this year that Bob turned out to be as good as he's been. He didn't plan for that.

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