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02-23-2011, 01:57 PM
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I would agree that might as well give Wilson more of a chance, because Sully is going downhill.

Trotz doesn't let his players run and gun like a game of pond hockey, in large part because we don't have the talent to keep up with other teams if we did that.

But, to suggest that he stifles any creativity is not accurate, IMO. The biggest proof of this is that when any proven vet come here, they have either had a career year under Trotz (Sullivan, Dumont), or they have produced at levels that hadn't produced at in years (Kariya, Arnott).

Radulov showed some great creativity and scoring ability in his supporting role here. And, he scored goals. I remember some comments from Trotz where his game needed to improve, but I don't remember Trotz bashing him to the media after every game.

Point is- Radulov had creativity, showed it, and had goals to show for it under Trotz. Guys like Legwand just have never showed much great creative ability or talent to suggest they should be getting big points.

Guys like Hartnell and Upshall have produced at similar levels on other teams, as they did under Trotz. In Hartnell's case, he's also had much better linemates to work with in Philly.

We get a guy like Fisher and people think he's going to significantly help our scoring deficiencies. Fisher has been scoring-lined challenged most his entire career (unable to prove he belongs on scoring-line full-time)-- not too different from other players on our team.

Kosistyen is a Trotz success story for now. Trotz pushed him to another level, to give a 2nd and 3rd effort, and I think he's work with him should be commended. He has undeniable creativity, and I don't think Trotz is holding him back.

Erat seems to the most streaky of our players. Is that Trotz' fault or Erat's nature? Can't say for sure.

But yes, I think up front, we rank bottom 5 in offensive talent, ESPECIALLY when you factor in injuries and players on the downside of the career. If we tried to run-and-gun with a team like Detroit or Chicago or Vancover or SJ, we'd fall flat on our face.

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