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07-22-2005, 09:16 PM
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I think there were several revealing comments

Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway
I don't know anymore. It's going to be a long, long time before this team is good again.

My shot in the dark hope is this: if indeed the league is going to be more offense centric, it is the kind of team that Glen Sather can build.

Damn we could use some leadership right about now.

And bring back Leetch already.
1) I think JD was right on regarding Leetch. It makes sense first and foremost. second, I think they are commited to younger, faster. So I don't think Leetch is coming back, unless Leetch gives a huge hometown discount and then maybe it is 25/75.

2) I now think Holik and Kasparaitis are as good as gone. It frees up huge amounts of money to be allocated beyond this coming year. The outlook for better, younger UFA's increase as the CBA advances.

3) Players like Prucha & Dawes now become of increasing value because of the rule changes. Prucha because of his speed, Dawes because of his scoring ability.

4) Though disappointed, we still have 4 quality picks. Maybe not franchise type picks, but nonetheless, picks that could add more quality to the stable. Let's not forget one important thing here, picking 17/18 year olds is a crap shoot. Hockey's draft is almost as risky as the baseball draft. You have a hard time figuring out whether a 17/18 year old has maxxed out in his development, or maybe he's a late bloomer. It certainly will be interesting.

5) One important thing about not getting Crosby, I think there is now a zero chance Messier is brought back. Had we won, I think the temptation would have been to bring him back to mentor the kid. I think J.D.'s point about Fl makes an awful lot of sense. Hoepfully, Mark comes to his senses and stops tarnishing his reputation by his continuing to play.