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02-23-2011, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
No argument there but I think we were talking about skaters. The solid goaltending the past 2 whole years has been in a class by itself. Quick pretty much re-wrote the Kings goalie record book in his 2nd season, that's how bad it's always been outside of Vachon. If you don't kiss Lombardi's ring are you a hater or are you allowed to have a different opinion on here?
No, I've been critical of DL for some things but I also understand the rebuilding project that Dean had to take on was bound to have some speed bumps. Like Cloutier and the other retreads we signed. I also hated the Blake signing and AEG nimrods pretty much forced his hand there. I didn't like the firing of Crawford and hiring TM.

That being said though, the criticism towards DL lately has been unfair. People want him to make a deal at any cost for hemsky or statsny etc. People just don't understand the art of negotiating. They also don't understand that this team won't be a cup contender after those moves. It has to be a trade that works for the Kings now and in the future. There are few if any of those options right now. The market is way too high.

King fans need to learn how to be patient at this point, we have a lot of good young players on the roster and in the pipeline. This could be a scary good team for years and not just a couple.

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