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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
this took forever breaking this down and the data isn't complete when it comes to most players per contracts. some you will find good data, others there is nothing. it's safe to assume that most guys get 2-4 year rookie contracts. after that timeframe if they aren't in around in LA or MAN its safe to assume they aren't with the org any longer.

i broke down two different points of consideration. not playing for LA at all. and also never even making to play in the NHL or the AHL affiliate. players that didn't even make the AHL club imo are total busts and were wasted picks. most of these players are from Europe and either never signed or were re-signed by LA.

-9 picks overall
-6 never played for LA
-3 never even came to the US for LA or the AHL
-1 never signed and was re-drafted
-1 was traded (Jokinen to NYI '99)
-1 left via UFA (Corvo '06)
-301 GP
-109 Pts
Olli got shipped off to NYI for Ziggy. Zultek never signed/was re-drafted at #2. Barney never overcame the back issues iirc. Corvo left via UFA. The remainder never amounted to anything.

-9 picks overall
-5 never played for LA
-4 never came to the US for LA or the AHL
-1 was never signed and re-drafted
-2 trades (Biron to NYI '99, Brennan to ATL '04)
-68 GP
-9 Pts
Biron was part of the trade for Ziggy/Smolinski package. Papineau was a never signed/re-draft. The rest of the class was a bust.

-10 picks
-7 never played for LA
-5 never came to the US for LA or the AHL
-1 trade (Kaberle to CAR '00)
-1 waived/unsigned (Parros '06)
-112 GP
-17 Pts
Alot of picks spent on talent in Europe that never materialized. The worse of which was Shefer at #1 that had one season in the QMJHL then went back to Russia. Four other players were from Europe that didn't even make one season here. Three addt'l NA picks never made it past 50+ games in the AHL. Kaberle was the only player in this class that has amounted to anything. Parros and McGrattan are role players/enforcers.

-11 picks
-6 never played for LA
-6 never came to the US for LA or the AHL
-4 trades (Lilja to FLA '02, Lehoux to PHX '06, Visnovsky to EDM '08, Federov to DAL '07)
-1 UFA (Frolov '10)
-1080 GP
-668 Pts
One of the only decent drafts during DT's tenure. It only bears out because of Fro's and Vis' production. Lilja showed some promise, but was still needed time to develop and LA didn't have the patience for it. The rest of the class was a bust. Vis was shipped to EDM in a salary dump that netted Stoll and Greene (via DL).

-11 picks
-7 never played
-6 never came to the US for LA or the AHL
-3 trades (Cami to CAL '08, Bednar to FLA '02, Huet to MTL '04)
-376 GP
-14 Wins
Cami and Huet were the only ones to make the big squad. Worse part is the #1 and #2 picks were total busts. #1 Karlsson never made it to the US even. Aside from Cami this is one of the worse drafts for the regime.

-11 picks
-8 never played for LA
-6 never came to the US
-2 trades (Grebeshkov to NYI '06, Anshakov to PIT '03)
-24 GP
-4 Pts
The worse draft in DT's tenure. 11 players drafted and it results in 24 GP total.

-10 picks
-1 active player (DB)
-4 never played
-2 never came to the US
-4 trades (Boyle to NYR '09, Tambellini to NYI '06, Pushkarev to DAL '08, Munce to TB '07)
-608 GP
-316 Pts
DL used this class to help with the rebuild. He shipped off three players here to bring him assets. DT himself shipped off Tambellini for Sopel/Parrish. For DT at least it showed his staff was moving away from taking chances on European prospects that likely wouldn't come to the US/CAN.

-9 picks
-1 active player (Parse - IR)
-5 never played
-3 never came to the US/CAN
-2 trades (Tukonen to DAL '08, Lukacevic to PHI '08)
-74 GP
-28 Pts
Again DL ships off the #1 and #4 picks for Clune, Gauthier and a pick. The jury is still out on Parse due to injury, but it's likely the window of opp for him is closing. He has one year left on his contract and he has to pay off next season or likely face not being re-signed. The rest of the class is a total bust. Yet another uninspiring draft class for LA that only meant the pipeline of talent got smaller.

-8 picks
-2 active players (Kopi & Quick)
-6 never played for LA
-2 never came to the US/CAN
-2 trades (Hersley to PHI '08, Seymour to NYR '07)
-540 GP
-340 Pts
-87 Wins
This is a 'glass is half empty-half full' class depending on how you view it. IMO if there was just one player from the class on the LA roster I would consider it a successful class. The fact that DT got LA's #1 C and #1 G in the same class was an achievement. It's to bad that it took so long for him to make this kind of splash, because this was his last draft.

So back to the question of how many were traded, went un-signed? Like I said the data is very incomplete, but you can read the writing on the wall by just looking at LA's draft classes and who is around and who isn't.

I think if anything looking back at this DT and his scouts put to much emphasis and hope on bringing over talent from Europe and Russia. He had 13 1st rounders during his tenure. Of those 13 picks he used 6 of them on players from overseas. Only Kopi and Fro made it to LA, the other 4 never made an impact. That is four #1's wasted. The same problem continued as you went into the #2 and #3 picks at nearly the same ratio. As you get deeper into the picks the ratio gets worse, LA was taking big long shots on these kids ever coming to the US/CAN to develop their game.

anyways it's late and need to get to bed. im going to breakdown 2006+ under DL to compare tomorrow and see if the numbers improve.
People seem to forget that it was alot of injuries that cost LA some playoff success aswell. A healthy Allison-Palffy-Deadmarsh would have been HUGE. Also Scott Barney was hindered due to back issues which sadly prevented him from truly developing.
Also players he traded for were also banged up like Straka and Carter, yet unfortunatley went on to other teams and had solid seasons.

Yes DL has kept his picks and only time will tell on guys like Hickey,Teubert and even Voynov. DL may lose him to the KHL.

IMO the 2006 picks are a wash as DL has said they were made by Al Murray.
David Steckel at #30th overall is not a bust IMO. Any guy playing in the NHL 10 yrs after being drafted is not a bust.
Also Shefer at #43 was decent as the entire 99 draft was poor.

How many DT picks are playing in the NHL today? Yes he had to trade them for STAR players and strictly based on talent in/out DT lost very few deals IMO. I seriously doubt that DT had ownership in his corner and he had nowhere near the control DL was given. When is the last time anyone heard Tim Liewekie speak???? This guy NEVER shut up when DT was in charge.

AM/DT picks still playing


We will only truly be able to judge DL in the next 2-3 yrs. It will be his trades/signings or lack of along with how many of the prized prospects actually pan out that shows how well he did.

As for blaming DT for the lack of LW, his staff provided two future NHL #1 goalies and DL has yet to bring in any LW's in his 4yrs too

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