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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
I never compared the two groups of players FFS, if you guys would actually sit and READ.

PSP claimed the drafting in the 80's was good, I said not a chance in hell it was good and proceeded to show that there were 8 players in a decade of drafting THAT EVER DID ANYTHING IN THE NHL, BE IT HOF TO MORE THAN 50 GAMES,

8 players in 10 years is not good drafting, sorry, it's simply not.

I then compared the drafting of the 80's, to DL's 4 years of drafting, where he already has players who have DONE SOMETHING IN THE NHL,

But hell, you guys don't wanna read, and just make **** up, why be different, Doughty is to Murphy as Clifford is to Gretzky, hell there it is, ffs.
So those 8 players drafted by Lombardi have done more than ALL players drafted in the 80s (aside from the 8 great picks discussed already)?

Maybe what you wrote is not what you meant, but you clearly compared the two:

Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
Yea, that is crappy drafting, when you are talking A DECADE of drafting,

10 YEARS of drafting and they ended up with 8 players, 3 of them that never really played for the Kings, Fox was decent but never a "star" but he had a good career, same with Nicholls, who was more talented, etc,

10 years of drafting should net you more than 8 players, hell DL's what, 4 years of drafting has netted the Kings, Doughty, Clifford, Martinez, Lewis, Muzzin, Lotkionov, etc, that's six right there in 4 years, and that's not counting Voynov or Schenn who everyone wants in the NHL today, you count those two, and that's 8 in 4 years, yea, I would say the Kings drafting in the 80's was pretty damn shoddy.
So in the 80's decade, according to you, the Kings drafted 8 "players"... Yet in 4 years alone, DL has drafted 8. Yes you clearly compared the two.

You also continue to claim that Muzzin was drafted by DL, which is wrong. Muzzin was drafted by Pittsburgh, and later signed with LA as a free agent.

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