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Originally Posted by adevandry View Post
Maybe what you wrote is not what you meant, but you clearly compared the two:

So in the 80's decade, according to you, the Kings drafted 8 "players"... Yet in 4 years alone, DL has drafted 8. Yes you clearly compared the two.

You also continue to claim that Muzzin was drafted by DL, which is wrong. Muzzin was drafted by Pittsburgh, and later signed with LA as a free agent.
Yea, I was wrong on Muzzin,

As far as comparing the two groups, again, did not happen in the sense that you, PSP, Tikkanen and JT wanted it to.

The only comparison is that they have played in the NHL, otherwise, WTF would I bring up draft picks?

If I am comparing a drafting time 30 years ago, to 4 years ago, why in the hell would I even consider bringing up games played, points etc, that's idiotic.

What I did say was, in a decade of drafting, the Kings over the 80's drafted 8 players that stuck, could be as many as 14 though if the other poster posted guys like Terrion etc, but let's say between 8 and 14, that is crap drafting,

Just for considersation and nothing to deep here,

Edmonton same time frame - easily 16 players
Detroit same time frame - easily 30 players
Montreal same time frame - easily 29 players
Philadelphia same time frame - easily 15 players
Toronto same time frame - easily 22 players,

LA had easily EIGHT PLAYERS, 14 is a stretch,

But let's go with the illusion that LA drafted well in the 80's

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