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02-23-2011, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by LightningStrikes View Post
Isn't the above design with the bolt on the pants the final version they just sent to the league for next season? In that case we would have to play at least one season without the victory stripes, right?
To be honest, yes, I would think so. Stranger things have happened though.

Take the Rangers and hemming up the "tails" of the jerseys to look more square. Did that take any league approval? Not sure. Or the Blues years ago when they (Keenan?) refused to put the team on the ice with those god awful "cool cat" thirds? I remember a couple of seasons ago in the ASG Marty wore our home jersey with socks from the third jersey system - it actually looked cool but was probably against league regs. Seems the league is willing to bend at times and hopefully would do so for Vinik.

The stripes are such a minor change, who knows. Maybe something like that doesn't matter a whole lot.

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