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Originally Posted by Air
Well, sort of. (Read on)

I just want to point out that a lot of this is happening in the NHL. Sort of. Female reporters and journalists are allowed in dressing rooms, where players are just coming from the shower and barely dressed. (Remember that video a while ago of some guy being interviewed while his teammate was showering naked in the background?) I know it's not the same thing because journalists aren't getting naked, but it's still equally as embarrassing for the girls because these are, after all, bucknaked athletes.
It's not embarassing at all. I'm a female journalist. I've covered NFL, hockey, soccer and Arena Football teams. It's not something you notice. You keep your eyes up and mind on what you're doing. Some guys give interviews naked, and, being 5'3", I'm right at the front of the media pack around him. But it's no big deal. They don't care, it's obviously not sexual, so why would it bother me?

Male journalists go into female dressing rooms. I think that was on an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond once.
Actually, most female professional teams don't have open locker rooms at all. They have access outside the locker room for all media members (male and female), but generally not an open locker policy.

However, you're correct in that those female teams with an open locker policy do let both male and female journalists in.

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