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02-23-2011, 11:16 PM
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Bob's Puck Skills?

Not sure if this was posted in some other thread but it seems like it deserves its own discussion....Timonen was pretty rough...ouch! It does seem teams are trying to exploit it more lately.

Itís obvious over recent games, particularly Tuesdayís against Phoenix, that rookie goalie Sergei Bobrovsky is having issues controlling the puck outside the net and deciding what to do with it.

A number of players said as much Wednesday, including Kimmo Timonen, who did not mince his words with Bobís still-developing skills. He also said while there remains a language barrier that has to be crossed since Bob doesnít fully speak English, thereís more to it.

ďI donít think the problem comes down to talking, itís more of him getting the puck and getting settled and then it comes down to talking,Ē Timonen said.

ďIt looks like the last couple games, the puck is really not on his stick. Itís somewhere else and then it becomes a big hassle. Like I said, itís not easy for him. Heís not used to that [North American] game. Heís going to get better. They practice it every day.

ďFor me, it comes down to him really getting comfortable going behind [the net] to stop it. Itís actually a big thing. I think itís a bigger thing than we give it credit for. So, Boosh [Brian Boucher] is really good doing it and it makes a huge difference for us.Ē

Boucher has the better puck skills which is why thereís a belief that he will be the playoff starter over Bobrovsky, at this point.

We'll address the issue further on Thursday.

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