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02-24-2011, 02:11 AM
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Originally Posted by SomeoneGreat View Post
How do you do that?
Well on the PS3:

Right stick to your forehand. (you want to get it so your player is holding the puck away from your players body on the forehand, if that makes sense)
L1 --> Pull stick across body in a straight line (Left to Right or Right to Left depending on handedness)
Right after your player starts the animation for the move, hold up on the right stick to poke the puck forward. (if you don't hold up your player will miss the puck entirely after it's gone in front of him)

I can do it about 85% of the time so there's other factors in play, but it's a slick looking move if you can pull it off.

It also can be an effective deke to get around two players closing in on you. I remember one time when I managed to dodge two checks with it and skate in alone on a breakaway. Unfortunately it was in an online game and the top highlight reel at the end didn't go back far enough to capture it. Oh well.

Hope that helps, it's the clearest I can explain it. Watching videos on it will help too.

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