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10-11-2003, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by theoil
"do it like he does it"
Coaches dream of this.

Good stuff guys

I look at the raw and comparatively refined talent we have, and my heart starts racing.

I also look at the shift in attitude, from the top, right on down. The best words to describe what I'm seeing are: ability, belief & confidence. (abc - gawd, I love simplicity)

KLo's 'swagger' shows what he sees here. He was born and nurtured to be GM. He knows what kind of heart, character and talent the Oilers now have.

MacT doesn't look tentative. (I always thought he could have used another year or 2 as an assistant. KLo moving up so fast was a natural, but MacT was on a different learning curve.) He's there now. I've seen and heard many comments on the things he's changed since last season. He identified where he needed help, Peters and Simpson. He has the tools: a system that keeps it simple (see above), a diversely gifted coaching staff, and enough guys to point to and say; "do it like he does it".

The boys on the ice have been living and breathing MacT an co's tools, and appear to have taken some steps toward team focus. I really didn't expect to see the positioning and puck support I saw in the first game. That can take months, and on some teams, years to develop. It also allows for creative thinking from highend talent. * We'll still see some young mistakes, but if they think and skate the system, there won't be as many.

I'm willing to venture that, you'll see lots of "top drawer" passes on the fly, lowetide.

Must get my nitro now.

edit * was sidetracked while posting and forgot to add

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