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02-24-2011, 08:09 AM
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Wow... I am really grateful for all your support guys. I will try to answer all questions answering to this post.

Originally Posted by TreeSapLlama View Post
I realize you want to be a good team player and try to have fun, but he is taking runs at people during practice, you have to make a choice. Is this team the only choice you have?
In short, given my current skills, yes, I can only play in this team. I'm in Switzerland, BTW. In addition, don't want to give up and I hate that one ****** can spoil something I like.

I'm coming back from a match supposedly against a difficult team, and I swear that I've yet to see an opposing team where even supposedly rough players lay dirty hits. They skate hard, sometimes defense men lead you into the boards (kind of leaving you no other space, I find that to be perfectly fine) but they are essentially correct and when there is some kind of hard contact, it is 90% unintentional. Nobody disregards the puck and goes for the player, which puts in bad light the team I'm playing with...

Somehow some people think hockey is dirty hits and fights, while I think it is actually none of them.

The only time I felt I was going to be run in the boards, I tried to get the feeling of the shoulder counter-hit thing, without putting all my strength. The other guy was actually stopping and he looked surprised. Nothing much happened.

Originally Posted by TreeSapLlama View Post
I realize that "An eye for an eye" is probably not the most mature response, but if the other guy is being a dbag like that, sometimes that is the only thing they listen to. Next time he takes a run at you, give him a hard chop on the ankle. If your coach says something about that and not about the dbag running around in practice hurting people, then the coach (and team) isn't worth your time anyway.
It looks like the common reaction here is that I should stand up for myself. I will do that. I am not sure I want to play dirty, I'll talk to him first in front of my team mates, I know they feel the same. If that fails I'll hit back.

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