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02-24-2011, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by canuckster19 View Post
Ok obviously I've struck a chord, and not too surprising I guess.

I understand your love for your captain, I get that, now I'm not going against what Shea Weber has said about his desires, if they're sincere then good for the Predators, give him what he deserves, but just remember he wouldn't be the first guy to say that and then skip town, and by town I don't mean Nashville, just NHL and sports in general.

Well I'll stick my neck out and go for broke, rephrasing my original question, IF and I really mean IF, Weber opts for arbitration and only has one more guaranteed year as a Predator, would you want to try and get value for him or would you prefer he plays out his contract?
In that situation I can't imagine us keeping him for only 1 season. Nothing good ever comes from arbitration. We'd trade him before it got to that point. If he's only willing to sign for 1 year, I think Poile would think very hard about trading him.

Remember that compensation from an offer sheet is 4 1st round picks. So that is a good starting point to base any trade off of. I'm not sure your offer is worth 4 1sts. This is how I would value your offer in terms of picks:
Raymond - 2nd
Ehrhoff - 1st and 2nd
conditional pick - 1st at best

So yeah, I think it comes up a little bit short.

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