Thread: Confirmed with Link: Upshall suspended two games
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02-24-2011, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
It was going to be if the rebound sprung loose, which is apparently the reason Bartulis was staring at his goalie, rather than protecting the crease.

And he couldn't have come in between them. Upshall was also coming around Meszaros and whomever his teammate there is (meaning he probably couldn't see what Bob was doing, BTW) and into Bartulis. It was a congested space.
...But the rebound wasn't there. BARTULIS DID NOT HAVE THE PUCK. Period.

He charged in, hit someone without the puck late, and it threw him into the boards.

Even if Bartulis had seen him coming (and you can see he's turning to luck up just as Upshall comes in), he's standing completely still and someone is bearing down on him at close to full speed. He's getting trucked there regardless in what is an unnecessarily vicious hit and not a hockey play.

Agree to disagree, I guess - as usual with you.

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