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02-24-2011, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Holy Jokinen View Post
This guy needs to not be on your team. End of story.

Originally Posted by Sticks of Fury View Post
Take Power Skating or Figure skating lessons and become the better skater and avoid those hits. Once you have confidence skating like a pro he won't mess with you. He is just picking on the lightweights.

Originally Posted by Pez68 View Post
1) Where are you playing? What city are you located in? I'm sure someone would be more than willing to come out to one of your practices and run this guy through the boards.
2) This guy is a total headcase and obviously has some issues. AVOID HIM.
3) If the "coach" allows this to happen in PRACTICE, GET OFF THE TEAM.
4) Next time he goes to hit you, get your stick right up into his mouth and knock his teeth out. Just as dirty as checking in a no-check league, IMO.

I've seriously never heard of a situation like this... Sounds...dangerous, and ********.

The best clip that "ponder" posted is that last one, IMO. That's assuming you can get to the boards before this r-tard can hit you from behind. The main thing about it is to "hug" the boards so that when he hits you, the boards receives the impact- not you. You need to try to get low, and take the hit with your shoulder as best you can- while having your other shoulder pinned to the boards/glass.

And on top of what Stoner did- get your elbow/forearm up and skate away like nothing happened when you pop him in the face. If he tries it again, do it again. Eventually he should stop.

If he's coming at you from the front, get your stick up.

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