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10-11-2003, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by jadeddog
well, here are some facts..... about 25-20 players (depending on the year and no. of teams in the league at the time) are taken in the 1st round... of those maybe 2-3 go on to be "stars" and another 5-10 go on to be decent NHLers (and that might be a little high), anotehr 5 or so might go on to very short (read: crappy) NHL careers..... if you look at those stats then you will realize that not that many players become dominant NHLers.... not very many at all..... even the ones that EVERYBODY says will be dominant sometimes arnt always near as good as people think they will be (daigle comes to mind)

basically, im not saying that staal in particular will not be good, but moreso that the NHL scouts aer more often wrong than they are right

im a "show me" type person.... staal may or may not be great, if he is well then great (i always enjoy seeing new stars emerge in hockey), but if hes not i wont be surprised
The difference is that NHL GM's don't think that way. Likewise, while many mid to late first round picks don't pan out like GM's expect, most top four picks go on to at the last lengthy NHL careers. While 1999 (the Sedin sisters, Brendl and Stefan) doesn't help my case, most other draft years produce at least 3 high level talents in the top 4. Granted Staal is still unproven in the NHL but that doesn't diminish his trade value down to a microscopic level. Oftentimes GM's choose potential over certainty as well (anyone remember the Shanahan for Pronger deal?).. while a GM knows Mike Comrie is a 30-goal scorer, they may believe that Staal can be better than that. This whole thread is a moot point anyways, Carolina is as likely to trade Staal as Detroit is to trade Yzerman

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