Thread: Confirmed with Link: Upshall suspended two games
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02-24-2011, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
What constitutes a 'hockey play'? This seems to be one of those terms that is coined and then elasticized so as to fit whatever scenario one wants to. If you trip a player with your stick, is it a hockey play? To me, Upshall made late use of a hockey play (ie, a body check), and was appropriately assessed a charging minor. Is a charging hit a hockey play, since it is covered in the official NHL rules:

btw, wow a whole $100 fine! That'll get them thinking twice!!

And I agree with you about how it is regarding a foul resulting in injury. I disagree that that's how it should be. Under that logic, Steckel should still be sitting out a suspension. Conversely, Cooke was issued a suspension even though the player he hit jumped back up right away. Results have to be tempered with intent and degree of recklessness.

There's quite the grey area between the two poles you have planted in your statement. "Finishing your check" has been preached, is preached and will be preached to players in the NHL, with the result to get your opponent thinking about being hit when he is playing the puck, and to wear him down (not injure). That's why there is an allowable delay of 1-2 seconds (and sometimes more) to hit a player who was in possession of the puck but who has passed/shot/lost possession.

And call me a lowbrow, but I subscribe to Jester's POV that Bartulis, being in a danger zone, has to plant himself better. He doesn't have to be ready to high-stick or coldcock an onrushing opponent, but he should be ready for some contact to protect the puck.
I am all for players finishing their check, just not after the whistle has been already blown, and oskars never even had possession of the puck

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