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Originally Posted by nK View Post

I'm calling Bernier a FUTURE #1. Yes he may not pan out but I'm gonna predict he starts somewhere in the NHL in the next 3 yrs.

I was giving the DT/AM combo the credit for Bernier as DL has stated he had little to do with that draft.

I agree with the BPA but sometimes it would be nice to either move up or down to land a coveted LW. DL does trade ALOT of picks at the draft so why not one for a LW prospect. Unless of course LW prospects are hard to come by.
I'd rather give credit on bernier when he actually is a number 1. When that happens, we can discuss who gets credit but I've argued in the past that if DT was still in charge, bernier wouldn't have been picked as he was a staunch advocate of not drafting goalies in the first round. But that has been discussed in the past, and I'll leave it alone.

As for the LW's, DL, from what I recall, largely deals picks for other picks, not for players. The 2010 draft aside, he's typically dealt draft picks to teams for either multiple lower picks, or higher picks in drafts down the round (like a 2007 4th for a 2008 3rd).

Seeing as this year he did trade up to get some wingers (IE: Toffoli) maybe he did this year just what you asked. It's not set in stone Toffoli or Weal or other RW's we have can't switch to LW, and maybe DL is planning on having some do just that.

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