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02-24-2011, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
It's debateable the team has improved, and by no means have they improved "by far."

When they are up, they are easily better than last years team. problem is, they aren't very consistent, so that's why I don't veiw them as better overall. It's one thing to play up to your potential in spurts, another to do it day in, day out.
Last year we could beat you with offense and defense. This year it looks like we have lost that ability to go goal for goal on the nights where the defense isn't as good as it should be.

Relying too heavily on defense alone leaves little margin for error. I think the play this season is a regression when viewed in toto.

Originally Posted by BerniernextRoy View Post
Ah so making the playoffs is easy? I disagree.

Yes, I'm satisfied if the Kings make the playoffs. Considering their real crappy home stand. It would be nice to actually see the Kings become an annual playoff team. Not just a one hit wonder and fall back into mediocre hockey for years. Like they are known for. But that's just me.

I also have realistic expectations, I think this team can win a playoff round but I won't go ballistic and call for AEG to fire everyone if they don't.
AS I said, and you just proved, its a low expectation. Last season, we made the playoffs. We need to see progress, and their play this year so far hasnt shown that. So just making the playoffs isnt enough. Even the "vaunted one" himself said that, and the players have echoed it as well.

I've been a fan too damn long to just accept an invite to the party as an achievement where the goal is to bag the prize of the party. If you're ok with one and out, that's fine, . . . for you. Don't worry, there will always be some girls still at the bar at 2:00am. For me, I'm shooting a little bit higher, and won't be satisfied till I hit my mark.

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