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02-24-2011, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... I think Quick being better this season has to do with three factors:

1) The experience he's had in the league before this season
2) The team's improved defensive play from last season to this one
3) The fact that the organization's projected #1 is on the roster and chasing him

... I think the Kings are a bit better overall, but their lack of offense worries the hell out of me. When they can score a couple goals or more, they're almost unbeatable right now - but can they do that on a consistent basis?

The experience of being in the playoffs last season can't be discounted, either.

My expectation was to win a playoff round this season, and if the Kings can get in the playoffs, they absolutely can do some damage. I think that when the Kings are right, they can shut any team in the NHL down. I don't care if it's Detroit, or Vancouver, or Chicago, or whoever - they can make life miserable for anyone.

But if they fail to get in the playoffs, I still think the GM and coach should be shown the door. You can get me to buy into a five year plan, but a ten year plan? Just how long do we have to wait, here? It wasn't like Lombardi was taking over a first-year expansion team when he got here. The Kings were a .500 team with a thin, but not completely bare, farm system. Lombardi did a good job stocking the system, but that was at the expense of the tradeable assets he inherited, as well as three seasons of losing. How long must the labor pains go on before we get to see the baby? Four seasons of missing the playoffs in five years is unacceptable. Hell, five playoff wins in five seasons is unacceptable. They need to make the playoffs and they need to win a round - or it's time to make a change. Not in the direction of the organization, mind you, but in the leadership of it.
I absolutely, positively, agree with all of this.

Great post.

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