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02-24-2011, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by BerniernextRoy View Post
It's a realistic possibility. Kings have very little playoff experience, and that helps a little more so than last year where lot of players had ZERO.

Point is, I fully realize that this team is built for the long run, not just for 2011 and being a one year hit wonder. I'm not going to freak out if they miss out on the second round, bummed...yes of course. Kings need to dethrone the Sharks in the Pacific, and learn how to make the playoffs on a consistent basis. That's where my expectations are. Others believe its second round or bust, ok..but I'm getting ripped for expecting consecutive playoff appearances. It's just funny to me.
What I do know is that this team is going to be special in the near future and I do believe the wait will be worth it. I see the long term vision of Dean Lombardi and at the same time, I enjoy watching this team full of youth. It's very up and down over the last couple seasons, and they just need to learn to be consistent and when that happens, is when this team will contend for the cup.
This is where the Kool-aid drinkers stand out. Making the playoffs is, and should always be, the bare minimum expectaion, notwithstanding anything in the past.

The concept that this team is going to win, for sure, while hoped for and expected, is not guaranteed, anymore than anything is in life. So Far, DL's got littel in the way of results. Yes they are trending in the right direction, but if the Kings merely make the playoffs and get bounced everytime in the first round in the next three years are you going to celebrate that fact and taut DL's achievement? Or are you going to join the mob with their torches and pitchforks calling for his head on a platter?

Im not ripping you for being happy they dont suck anymore, I'm pointing out that your expectations need to be adjusted relative to the promises that have been made about how this team would be a Stanley Cup Contender in five years under DL.

Am I happy that they are looking close to a contender, but that alone is not enough and it never will be, FOR ME!

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