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Originally Posted by Hockeypete49 View Post
Do you watch the game at all? Yes I think he is close the Cannon defensively and I think he is as equal if not better offensively. Look I love both players but you have to give G his props. To say G has no grit to his game is wrong. Do I want him crashing and banging everything in sight? Hell no. I want him fore-checking and creating offense. Even strength,power play or shorthanded. With the new rules in play the open ice hit is almost a thing of the past. Jester tell me what you think in the years to come when G gets to Mike's age. I am glad we have them both. So you can go bark up another tree and try to preach to someone else. I am right and you are wrong. Over.Done. Bye.
Giroux isn't close to Richards defensively. Richards is one of the most gifted instinctual defenders we have seen in the NHL in recent memory. I am right and you are wrong. Over.Done. Bye.

Kind of awesome how you can make a declarative statement without having offered anything substantive.

The better question is whether you watch the games. Giroux isn't even close to Carter right now defensively, let alone Richards.

Did I ever say G had no grit? No. You should stop making **** up. Lying is wrong, ya know.

Mike Richards single-handedly swung a playoff series last year with an open ice hit. Dead and gone my ass.

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