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Time for someone to start a new thread.

Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
Considering that scoring usually drops when talent increases, and the ATD is quite a step up from NHL talent level, I would expect that unless you have a Bobby Clarke on you 2nd line type checking line, that nobody used in a checking role will net 50-60 points.

Here is a table comparing yearly average % of the league leaders in goals, assists and points. Walker is compared to the league leader, the others are compared to the 4th place finisher.


Note that Walker's NHA assist lead is capped at 100% by comparing to himself, and many of his other years will suffer from his being compared to Cyclone Taylor. Also his points % will be hurt by assists being awarded at less than 1 per goal during his career. His averages are further hurt by his playing only 1 game in 2 seasons. One he jumped to another league that isn't counted, and the other he went into military service during WWI.
Excellent chart; this is basically what I expected.

And you are right, no one's gonna get 60 points on the 3rd line here.... literally no one. Even if it's a scoring 3rd line.

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Yeah...I actually went back and checked. With what you had on the first unit powerplay, I can't imagine you giving your second unit more than 25-30% of the man advantage icetime, and if that's the case...well, I don't know how much credit the other GMs gave you for Keith's offense, but it was likely too much. He was basically just a grinder for you,
that's a bit unfair. First of all, what's wrong with three top-10s in goals? Secondly, the years where he was top-10 in total goals but not in ES, his ES ranking would have been very close to 10th, certainly top-20. For a guy in the post-euro era, that is very solid no matter what angle you take the knife to it.

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