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02-24-2011, 06:28 PM
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Can't believe so many people who watch Richards so often underate him so badly.
-PPG player (Generally about 20 guys a year, 40 in NHL who do it regulary, ie 2-3 times in 5 years.)
-30 goals a year guy (30 guys per year, 45 who do it regularly, ie 2-3 times in 5 years.)
-45-50 assists a year guy (30 guys per year, 45 who do it regularly, ie 2-3 times in 5 years.)
-Selke level defensively (top 3-5 in league defensive forward, and i'm being harsh on him there.)
-4 years of this standard of play, consistant as hell in all categories... just look at the stats, even his shot percentage has only wavered 0.6percent at most... over 4 years!)
-Playoff performer in last 3 playoffs.
-Good powerplay player.
-One of the best PK'ers in this league.
-The best shorthanded offensive threat currently in the league, and one of the best all-time (23 shorties already in career, 46th all time, everyone ahead of him played at LEAST 275 more games in career, only Lemieux and Dave Poulin come close % wise, if you include assists, no-one does.)
-Plays 21mins a night (apart from this year ofc, only 10 guys a year do this)
-Stands up for himself and teamates (Fights.)
-One of the biggest hitters in the NHL.
-Plays hard but doesn't give up many minors (about one every three-three and a half games?)
-Always in conversations as to who is the most complete player on the planet. (About 7 guys usually come up, he's came up in this conversation since 07.)
-One of the best Captain's in the NHL.

When you cross section all those, who else comes up in the NHL? Not many I bet, less than 5.

Then consider Giroux, in which categories is he better than Richards? Facoffs, yup, better passer, better dangler, urmmmm, maybe even with Richie on the Peco, and he could be a PPG guy. Don't get me wrong, I love Giroux, and hopefully he becomes a 90 point guy, but unless he gets 90 points a year and becomes better on D, he's not in the same bracket as Richards. Plus intangibles... at the moment apparently Mike Richards has +234 intangibles compared to Girouxs +120, and Toews only has +240 intangibles, could overtake him by the end of the year.

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