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10-11-2003, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by PigPen
I meant 50-60 point guys. Doesn't matter what position they play or how many goals they had.

Here's a list of how many 50+ point guys were on each team.

Atlantic Division
New Jersey: 4 (Patrick Elias, Jamie Langenbrunner, Jeff Freisen, Scott Gomez)
Philadelphia: 3 (Roenick, Recchi, Amonte)
NYI: 2 (Yashin, Blake)
NYR: 4 (Kovalev, Carter, Lindros, Nedved)
Pittsburgh: 1 (Lemieux)

Northeast Division
Ottawa: 4 (Hossa, Alfredsson, White, Havlat)
Toronto: 3 (Sundin, Mogilny, Nolan)
Boston: 5 (Thornton, Murray, Stumpel, Knuble, Rolston)
Montreal: 2 (Koivu, Zednik)
Buffalo: 2 (Satan, Briere)

Southeast Division
Tampa Bay: 5 (Prospal, Lecavlier, Richards, St. Louis, Boyle)
Washington: 6 (Jagr, Lang, Nylander, Gonchar, Bondra, Miller)
Atlanta: 4 (Heatley, Kovalchuk, Kozlov, Savard)
Florida: 2 (Jokinen, Kozlov)
Carolina: 2 (O'neil, Francis)

...I think you get the point.

Oh I get your point. But I think you may have missed mine. It DOES make a difference what position you play and how many goals you've had.

First the goal scoring aspect. Question, Why is Sellane worth more then Oates? Both are great players but one is a goal scorer the other isn't. And don't get into age I just picked 2 players who are well known for their specialties. Sub in any goal scorer vs playmaker of similar ages and 90% of the time the goal scorer is more coveted. GMs typically look for finishers first and playmakers second.

Now the position side. The fact is 30 goal scoring centers are rare. Incredibly rare and are highly sought after. If you have a center who can pot goals as well as make the plays you have an extra scoring threat that MOST teams don't have. Comrie fits both those aspects. So while you are correct in that he only scored 50 points last year, you have to look at other things then just that.
1. His age. 23 years old and not showing any signs that he has peaked
2. He was injured last year and was on pace for 68 points before that.
3. There are only a few players in the league that can offer you what Comrie can and at his age I can think of VERY few.

Comrie is a 30 goal scoring center, along with names like Federov and Sundin and Lacavalier. Not saying he is as good as them but he is one of the best young goal scoring centers who has proven his worth already in the league.

That is worth quite a bit. Honestly, the reason he wants to be traded is because he is so promising that he is treated like a rock star in his home town and can get no privacy. It must have been a huge relief in LA this summer where he could walk down the street and not be mobbed. That must be overwhelming for any 23 year old. If he would only sign with us this trade post would be moot as you would have to pry Comrie from our cold dead hands.

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